PAC - Security and Resilience in Cloud

This white paper describes the challenges and motivations facing cloud, hybrid and multicloud users as they consider how to deliver traditional levels of security and robustness, while maintaining the API-enabled virtues of flexibility and short lead-times of cloud-enabled IT.


  • Critical considerations associated with cryptographic key management for multicloud users
  • Implement solutions that are capable of maintaining an always-on service
  • Cloud, multicloud and hybrid cloud enabling capabilities provided by Equinix
  • Benefits of ECX Fabric™ and Equinix SmartKey™

Organizations are well aware that adopting cloud technologies broadens the range of cybersecurity vulnerabilities they are potentially exposed to, and that the compliance landscape is constantly evolving. It is therefore no surprise that Cyber Security and Cloud Computing are the two most important items on the IT agenda for user organizations

PAC’s March 2018 CxO Investment Survey

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PAC – Security and Resilience in Cloud | Equinix White Paper