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If we take a look at future developments in the provision of IT resources, platform-based digital ecosystems are at the forefront. In the future, they will ideally act as a basis for own IT resources. From the use of such ecosystems, companies expect added value, such as the connection to partners, increased innovation and productivity as well as the expansion of competitive advantages.

Donald Badoux, Equinix Germany Managing Director


Data Center Trends in Germany 2019

This IDC report provides five pieces of advice for better data centers. These are intended to provide suggestions and impulses in order to and to optimally plan the operation of resources, technology and infrastructure, and efficiently according to requirements. Business success and modern IT are mutually dependent.


The modernization of the data centers is a compelling requirement for the business Success of your company.
49 percent of respondents are currently optimizing their IT architecture. This creates important prerequisites for the use of current IT infrastructure and IT technology.
The most influential trend in the data center is cloud computing in its various forms. 90 percent of the companies surveyed have a cloud strategy.

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