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Equinix Customer One (ECO) Invoice Format.

As we transition our customers from the Itconic invoicing platform to the Equinix Customer One (ECO) platform, we would like to introduce you to the changes you will see in the invoice format from Equinix.

This format was developed based on feedback from our customers to provide a consistent, simple and straightforward invoice format. It contains separate sections detailing new activity, existing activity and de-installations, allowing customers to clearly identify changes over the course of time. The format also shows additional information in relation to your agreements and changes to the product names.

Our invoicing system also allows you more choice on how your invoice is generated based on your individual preferences. We offer greater flexibility by providing various options for breaking down and summarizing charges on each invoice. Invoices can be split in six different ways. Customers can select up to three of the following options:

1) Equinix sales order number

2) Product category

3) Purchase order number

4) Customer reference

5) IBX

6) Recurring/Non-recurring charge

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Equinix Invoice Format Explained_English_230818-3
Equinix Invoice Format Explained_English_230818-4