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Spain Invoice Information

Following the integration of Itconic and its subsidiary, Cloudmas, there will be changes in the way Equinix invoice you

Details of these changes and an FAQ document can be found on this page. If you have any questions regarding these changes to invoicing of services, please contact the Equinix Financial Operations Support on (Spain) or (Portugal) or you may speak directly with your Account Manager.

Equinix Customer One™(ECO).

We will be integrating Itconic and Cloudmas systems onto the ECO platform. and we want to make sure you are prepared for these changes which will come into effect once the integration is complete. We have sent you an email providing you with a high-level view but please take the time to review the information in this section as it will provide you with more detail. We hope this will enable you to be prepared for these changes as they come into effect.

Invoicing Frequency

If your orders for recurring services are currently invoiced quarterly, half yearly, annually or using different invoicing frequencies, we will align these to the monthly invoicing frequency.

If you are currently being invoiced one month in advance, we are pleased to tell you that we plan to change the date of your invoice to the start of the relevant service period.

If you are being invoiced in arrears for recurring services; we plan to change the date of your invoice to the start of the relevant service period for which you are charged.

For illustration purposes only:finance-invoice-changes-illustration

Two Invoicing Cycles

For the benefit of our customers and in accordance with Equinix procedures, we will be setting up 2 invoicing cycles per month:

  • Invoices for recurring charges will be issued on 1st of the month
  • Invoices for non-recurring charges will be issued prior to 15th of the month

If you are currently receiving a single invoice for recurring and non-recurring services, this option will no longer be available.

Invoice Frequency Aligned to a start of Service Period

In future, invoices for recurring charges will be issued at the start of the relevant service period. For example:

  • Invoice will be issued on 1st of November for the services period of 1st to 31st of November

Calendar Month Service Periods

If your current service period is not from the 1st of the month to last day of the month, we plan to align it to the first of the month as illustrated in the table below:

For illustration purposes only:finance-invoice-changes-current-service

Electronic Invoice Delivery

All invoices will be delivered in PDF format, via email with electronic signature. Customers wishing to continue to receive invoices by post, please contact (Spain) or (Portugal).

Invoice Distribution to Multiple Contacts

If you receive multiple invoices via email, all invoices will be sent to all of the contacts currently on file. If you have a preferred single point of contact only, please contact (Spain) or (Portugal) and we will update our records.

New Equinix Invoice Format

The Equinix invoicing system is fully automated and as a result, the personalisation which you may currently have with your Itconic invoices, will no longer be available. You will also see a change in the invoice format.

  • All products and services will be itemised individually on the invoice. As a result, multiple products will no longer be consolidated into one-line item.
  • All future invoices will only reference the product names from the Equinix Global Product Catalog. There will be no reference to customer specific product names.
  • All invoices will be generated automatically via our Equinix systems and will be delivered without personalised or customer specific added text. The only exception to this will be the purchase order number and customer reference number.
  • Equinix invoices will include all relevant information to the services or products being purchased. Any further information which you may currently receive as an attachment to your invoice, will be available on the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP). Further information on the ECP will be shared with you at a later date.

Consolidating invoices

Multiple orders for services linked to the same rack or suite (e.g. additional cabinets/power upgrades), will be consolidated into one invoice. Your invoice will show the main order number for colocation services.

Quarterly Purchase Order Numbers

If you wish your purchase order number to be referenced on your invoice, then the following conditions must be met.

  • All purchase order numbers must be raised at a minimum, once a quarter.
  • All purchase order numbers must be sent via email no later than the 26th of the month prior to when the service is due to begin. For example, if a service is due to begin on 1 July, the purchase order number must be sent via email by 26 June, 2018.

60 Day Limit on Payment Terms

For customers in Spain, in order to comply with local Spanish legislation, if you have single payment terms that are over 60 days, this will be aligned to 60 days’ payment terms. At the time of integration, we will align payment terms as follows:

  • If you have single payment terms of 60 days or less, there will be no change
  • If you have single payment terms over 60 days, this will be aligned to 60- day payment terms

Single payment Terms per Customer Account

If you have multiple payment terms, we will align to the most favourable stated in your current agreement unless this is over 60 days. If a customer has over 60-day payment terms, these will be reduced to 60 days.

Bank Transfer or Direct Debit Payment Method

The payment method for Equinix is either by bank transfer or direct debit. We will no longer accept payment via cheque, promissory notes, or confirming.

Product Names and Descriptions on your invoices

Itconic and Cloudmas product names and descriptions are being aligned with Equinix’s Global Product Catalog and will appear on quotes, order documents and invoices once the integration is complete. We will be sending you a separate communication to explain this in more detail. Equinix’s Global Product Catalog and will appear on quotes, order documents and invoices once the integration is complete. Please see the Product Changes section on this Resource Center for more detail.

Helping to Plan Your Cost - Budgetary Quotes to replace Proforma Invoices

We provide order notifications with itemised services and their costs, for all orders placed with Equinix. Alternatively, Equinix can provide budgetary quotes with each service itemised with the associated costs. Please be aware, we will no longer issue proforma invoices, but this will help you to plan your costs going forward.

First Invoice from Equinix Customer One Platform

The changes described in this notification are scheduled to take effect the month after the integration onto the Equinix Customer One (ECO) platform is complete.

If you have any questions, please contact us on (Spain) or (Portugal).

Thank you for your attention.