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Frequently Asked Questions - Equinix Global Service Desk

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What is the Equinix Global Service Desk

When will I have access to the Global Service Desk?

What languages does the Global Service Desk support?

What are the opening hours for the Global Service Desk?

What is an IBX®?

I need urgent support in the IBX, what do I do?

How can I get access to the Equinix Customer Portal?

The Service Desk has informed me that my e-mail address is not registered. How can I be added to the list of authorized users?

I have sent an e-mail, but my request is urgent, what can I do?

Can I place orders via phone?

What is the difference between Standard, Expedited and Scheduled Smart Hands™?

My shipment was refused, what can I do?

How much notice does Equinix require for Work Visits?

I have received an email reporting an incident ongoing in a Data Center where my equipment is present. What should I do?

Equinix has informed me about maintenance works that will happen in the future. Is any action required from my side?

I have a question about the pricing of the services. Who should I contact?

What are the Service Level Agreements for Trouble Services, Smart Hands™ and Cross Connects?

I have a complaint. What should I do?

What is an LOA and when do I need one?

How can I place an order?

Which services will I be charged for and which products are free?

How will these changes impact my business with Equinix outside of Spain and Portugal?

Where will I find my Install Base Report?