Reinvent with IOA™

Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ is a proven and repeatable architectural framework to directly and securely connect all the components of your digital supply chain in markets around the world.

Simplify Your Network

Localize, segment and optimize network traffic flows, bringing your WAN and LAN together at the edge.

Create Security Guard Rails

Strengthen security services and govern multi-party flows with boundaries and inspection zones.

Establish a Data Fabric

Stabilize data requirements and balance access with protection while governing data movement.

Integrate via Intersection Points

Assemble application services, as a multi-cloud, multi-party business and integration point.

A Guide for Digital Success

Built for architects, informed by experts who have re-invented for the digital edge, the IOA Playbook is a proven and repeatable “how-to” guide to digitally transform your strategy. Integrate as a multicloud, multiparty business in strategic locations around the globe.


See how interconnection is transforming your industry

Explore key trends, current constraints and future capabilities of an interconnection-first digital strategy that’s specific to your industry.

Build with the IOA Knowledgebase

The IOA Knowledgebase is a website comprised of proven best practices for architects developed from studying more than 400 customer deployments. Find the blueprints, design patterns and use cases to speed deployments and optimize success.

Cost Benefit of Interconnection Solutions

Forrester interviewed several customers with multiple years of experience in our carrier-neutral, International Business Exchanges. The Forrester Report outlines interconnection solutions that resulted in 42% average latency reduction, 300% return on investment and an average payback in 4.2 months.