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Platform Equinix®
Streamlines Manufacturing
Supply Chains

Digital transformation on Platform Equinix helps manufacturing companies increase revenue and lower costs by streamlining operations and predicting customer demands through greater insights. See how you can leverage the power of interconnection to become an industry leader.


Leverage the Power of Proximity and Scalability

The Digital Edge Playbook shows manufacturers how distributing business exchange points close to ecosystem participants and devices allows them to tailor experiences, reduce business risk, and scale via ecosystems.

To benefit from this strategy manufacturers require three critical elements.

  • Global location coverage
  • Private interconnection with rich digital ecosystems
  • Capability to integrate, standardize and simplify control


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PAC Report: Digital Industrial Revolution with Predictive Maintenance

This report explores the impact that digital transformation has on maintenance processes and achieving cost savings. More than half of all European organizations run predictive maintenance initiatives for a tangible business impact.

PAC Report Findings:

  • 93% of companies describe their maintenance processes as not very efficient
  • 55% of the companies are piloting predictive maintenance initiatives
  • 49% of companies plan to further invest in maintenance initiatives


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Interconnection Drives
Business at the Edge

See how you can leverage interconnection to scale your digital businesses. Manufacturers are taking advantage by establishing distributed, private traffic exchange and control points near supply chains, digital ecosystems and customers.

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“We centralized everything first, and now we can decide how we’re running our hybrid cloud platform. Equinix is the strategic enabler for our transformation process that allows us to get there.”

– Orion Case Study

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“Our customers get more mileage from fewer trains. Data analytics can speed up the root-cause analysis, reducing labor time. It is all about increasing up-time and avoiding unplanned downtime. If we predict incidents early enough, we—and our customers—can react accordingly.”

– Siemens Success Story

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Get Ready to Overcome the Challenges Manufacturers Face in Europe

This Digital Industry Revolution webinar talks about how European manufacturers and transport operators are approaching predictive maintenance initiatives from an investment, infrastructure implementation, and strategy perspective.


Enable Digital Transformation

Connect with us to see how Platform Equinix™ can help you to achieve digital transformation.