Service Enablers

"Equinix is a critical part of the equation for ensuring we can run a profitable business while pursuing new market opportunities."

- David Ratner, COO, SEVEN Networks


Platform Equinix™ Features and Benefits

  • Direct access to the world’s leading mobile and wireline networks
  • Access to data roaming within IBX data centers—24 of 35 GRX operators use Equinix for peering global data roaming services
  • Access to IPX networks that enable quality of service and prioritization of services
  • Direct interconnection to popular applications and content, including social networking, audio and video, advertising and email for reduced latency and increased user satisfaction
  • Direct access to value chain partners for end-to-end enablement (mash-ups)
  • Availability of 17M+ ft2 ft2 of global data center capacity in 44 global markets to ensure your operations can scale
  • Localization of traffic within the largest consumer markets globally