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Global Reach


In America, 58% of the population plays video games. The European market for gaming is almost $20 billion, and Japan and China lead the pack when it comes to iPhone/iPad games. The world’s fascination with games requires gaming providers to be within close proximity of partners and players if they want to expand their customer base and maintain user satisfaction.

Reach more players worldwide.

Equinix has data centers in 55+ major business markets on five continents with access to 1,800+ networks and 2,900+ cloud, IT and system integrator services. The geographic reach and flexibility of Platform Equinix™ data centers enable you to house your gaming systems closer to partners and customers and improve the responsiveness of your games through more cost-effective, low-latency connections—a benefit you can’t get from any other data center provider.

Our 210+ global data centers are home to 9,700+ Equinix customers, enabling you to expand the reach of your gaming infrastructure and attract new players. The Equinix Marketplace™ allows you to promote your products and services to thousands of Equinix customers around the world.

Improve the responsiveness of your games through more cost-effective, low-latency connections.