Business Continuity


Manage risk and guarantee business continuity.

Our Business Continuity Trading Rooms (BCTRs) make sure an unforeseen power loss doesn't mean a business loss. A BCTR allows you to build out and replicate the functions of your trading room floor in an Equinix data center located away from your primary trading operations, where it won’t face the same threats. The BCTR can then be quickly activated when normal operations go down.

With our business continuity trading rooms you can:

  • Improve your current risk profile while you manage total cost of ownership.
  • Rely on our expertise in creating and managing highly secure, resilient and redundant facilities.
  • Choose the best strategic locations for all your recovery facilities through a single provider.
  • Determine the scope of your continuity requirements.
  • Map and simplify connectivity requirements to market data, service providers and trading systems.