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Search Engine Watch predicts that the real-time bidding (RTB) advertising market will experience tremendous growth and change, including new ad formats that are more interactive and measurable, as well as new programmatic opportunities in video and premium content.


A Future-Proof Ecosystem

No matter how the Internet advertising industry morphs over time with new players, tech platforms or metrics, your business can adapt to change quickly and efficiently with Equinix Ad-IX™. We’re home to the data center industry’s largest ecosystem of ad tech companies. Our ever-growing, self-sustaining critical mass of ad exchanges, demand side platforms (DSPs), data aggregators and content providers can address the dynamic needs of this evolving market well into the future.

Whether you’re an ad exchange, DSP or data aggregator, you can:

  • Directly connect to 85+ ad tech companies, such as Spotxchange, BrightRoll, The Rubicon Project, Rocket Fuel and MediaMath, which are leveraging resources, partners and customers within this growing community.
  • Connect quicker than the competition and reduce latency for faster bidding, serving and analyzing—which all translates into greater revenue.
  • Access Equinix's 210+ IBX data centers around the world and the rich connectivity options available through our global interconnection platform.
  • Leverage access to 2,900+ cloud service providers—including direct connections to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure—within the same data center through Equinix Cloud Exchange™.

Home of the Interconnected Cloud™

Equinix is home to the interconnected cloud. Our Equinix Ad-IX participants can bypass the Internet and get direct access to top cloud services, via the Equinix Cloud Exchange™.

Equinix Cloud Exchange enables you to:

  • Build a secure and virtualized ad tech infrastructure and hybrid cloud environment that allows you to provide faster and more cost-efficient services.
  • Access 2,900+ public cloud services, with the opportunity to securely connect to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure.
  • Create cloud-based workflow solutions for ad agencies and social media ad platforms.
  • Find and interconnect with new ad tech partners to create cloud environments that enable new products and services.
  • Simplify managing connections to multiple cloud services with automated cloud connection provisioning.

Global Reach

Digital advertising has gone global. For example, by 2015 digital media will dominate over 20% of the media budget in Asia-Pacific. Equinix has data centers in 55+ major business markets on five continents, with access to 1,800+ networks. The geographic reach of Platform Equinix™ enables Ad-IX participants to deliver bid responses in single-digit milliseconds.