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By 2020, over 86% of all digital display ads in the US will be bought via automated channels, according to an eMarketer survey. To increase your share of this fast-growing advertising market, it's critical to increase your programmatic RTB speed. Shaving vital milliseconds off the ad-bidding process can create more opportunities for your business, since there's more time to analyze, bid, serve and win.


Increase advertising revenue with Equinix Ad-IX™.

Leverage our industry-leading interconnection platform and Ad-IX ecosystem to stay ahead of the competition and grow your digital advertising business. In the Equinix Ad-IX ecosystem, you can securely connect directly to leading digital ad partners, bypassing the heavy traffic and risks posed by the public Internet entirely. Direct connections allow you to exchange data and conduct transactions much faster by reducing latency to single-digit milliseconds.

"Equinix has a global footprint to support [our] growth, and their reputation for reliability and flexibility in network data providers was paramount in our decision."

— Christopher Amen-Kroeger, senior vice president of engineering, BrightRoll


Our interconnection and connectivity services include cross connects and the Internet Exchange, or if you want to connect to multiple cloud service providers (CSPs), our Equinix Cloud Exchange™ will enable you to access more than 2,900+ CSPs through a single link. No matter which path you choose, all the players in the system—ad exchanges, demand-side platforms (DSPs), data optimizers and ad networks—get the advantage of speed, scale and access.

Benefits include:

  • Access to more inventory
  • Smarter, more efficient bidding
  • More completed and won bids
  • Higher revenue

Global Professional Services

Our global Professional Services team and Solution Validation Centers™ will help you plan, design, test and deploy a best-in-class ad tech solution to meet your business goals.