Chicago is home to hundreds of global and domestic players in business, multiple major equities, options and futures and stock exchanges. Businesses can take advantage of the financial ecosystem, network density and interconnection options present inside the three Chicago data centers from Equinix. Finance companies enjoy better access to data providers, brokers, trading and risk application providers, shorter time to market for product launches, and lower costs.

  • Benefits of CH1, CH2 and CH4 data centers in Chicago, including multitudes of high value financial exchange customers and carriers
  • Interconnection to more than 200 buy-sides, sell-sides, prime brokers, clearing members and networks providing access to every asset class
  • Connectivity to trading systems for numerous liquidity providers and market makers, hedge funds and proprietary trading groups
  • New opportunities and efficiencies to each member of the financial community with network and carrier-neutral data centers

Bringing together a broad range of network providers along with buy-sides, sell-sides, exchanges, alternative trading platforms, market data and analytics providers into a single location can dramatically lower the complexity and cost of connectivity. A network-rich data center helps manage overall costs, improve throughput and drive down latency.

- Chigaco’s Fianancial Hub, An Equinix Ecosystem Report

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