Make Faster Decisions and Control Costs

The electronic trading industry is already highly interconnected, but firms need to push past old boundaries to access more information for faster decision-making while fending off new entrants and controlling costs.

Explore the Electronic Trading Solution Brief

Get the solution brief that highlights how electronic trading firms must prioritize direct, secure connectivity with a host of partners to execute transactions with the speed, insight and safety clients require.

Build with the IOA Knowledgebase

The IOA Knowledgebase is a website comprised of proven best practices for architects developed from studying more than 400 customer deployments. Find the blueprints, design patterns and use cases to speed deployments and optimize success.

Dealogic Case Study

See how Dealogic delivers a real-time investment banking scorecard on the Microsoft Azure Platform.

Equinix Marketplace

Join an ecosystem of partners and suppliers to promote services and receive highly qualified leads from the growing marketplace on Platform Equinix™.

Work with an expert to build your edge

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