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IBX SmartView™

On-demand operational visibility at your fingertips

IBX SmartView provides online access to real-time environmental and operating information relevant to a customer’s IBX footprint, enabling them to bridge the infrastructure monitoring gap between their on-premise and globally distributed infrastructure.

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On-demand accessibility

Easily access core operating data via IBX SmartView portal or APIs

Unmatched visibility

Get a detailed look into your infrastructure at local zone, cage and cabinet level

Actionable insights

React to important events and proactively plan via configurable reports & alerts

Globally consistent data

Attain data relevant to customers, presented the same way for all IBX SmartView IBXs globally


Access the IBX SmartView Portal to utilize integrated portal capability and APIs

Deliver timely, user-relevant data through the unified customer portal

Quickly make decisions through cage and cabinet-level visibility with key operating event alerts and notifications

Enhance proactive planning for long-term infrastructure, while maintaining control over daily tasks

Best IoT Application

Awarded by Knect365 at the 2017 Next Generation Optical Networking and Optical DCI Awards.

Seamless visibility into your environmental and operating data center footprint wherever, and whenever, you need it. Enable transformative real-time access to all the information needed to manage your deployments.


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