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Equinix Business Suites

Instead of using cages, businesses can colocate in suites, or pods, that act as dedicated rooms and data centers. Equinix Business Suites provide large 250+ kVA footprints and are ideal for real-time computing, tiered storage, data residency and compliance.


Scalable Growth

Run mission-critical applications on a large scale by adding incremental footprints within the same building

Lower Capital Expenditures

Reduce costs by managing your data with Equinix rather than running your own data center

Maximum Control

Maintain tight control of design, layout and circuit provisioning

Superior Features

IT flexibility and provider choice

Metered power

Redundant power system

Biometric hand readers, CCTV and digital video recorders

24/7 security staff

Smart Hands™ support staff

IBXflex™ office and storage space

Loading dock

Shipping and receiving area

Sustainable design