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Fulfillment FAQs

We have refined our service and support processes for our customers to meet Equinix’s global standards. Here you will find guidelines for access to the Welcome Kit, information about changes in a service order during the enablement process, changes in the data collection phase (technical interview) for fulfilment of the acquired solution, test system and technical validation, and new completion notification model for the enabled service orders.

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I was informed that business proposals must undergo the approval process all over again if there is any need to change a service order while enabling products that have been acquired. If I make a change to my order after the quote is approved, do I need to reapprove?

All of Equinix’s products and services consist of several different items, which are structured independently to ensure the solution is delivered as purchased. If any of the items are ordered after or if there are any changes in scope, we will revise the order, ask you to approve and resubmit. This may affect your delivery times, and we will advise you as such, but we will do our best to meet your delivery dates.

The Welcome Kit I received by email when I became an Equinix customer is outdated and I don’t know where to download the latest version. Where can I find this information on the new Equinix Customer Portal (ECP)? How can I access this information?

The Welcome Kit has been replaced by the Equinix Customer Guide, which is an online portal. This guide contains everything covered in the Welcome Kit PDF as well as other relevant information. You can access the Equinix Customer Guide here or through ECP: Support / Customer Guide.

Will there be any changes to the data collection stage (technical interview) to activate the contracted product?

As per the current process, as soon as the business proposal is signed, the technical teams will begin the project detailing process through questionnaires and interviews. Part of these questionnaires will now be automated and can be completed directly on the Customer Portal. This will make it faster to begin setup and delivery activities.

How will the conclusion of service orders be notified during the product’s activation?

Customers will automatically receive an email indicating which items are being activated, along with a brief description of each activation’s components, location, and amounts. In other words, customers will receive a simple and objective summary. However, it is important to note that, despite all automatic notifications, all communication and alignment of deliveries will be carried out by a specialized team – the CPMs (Customer Project Managers) or the CSM.

Once my services have been activated, will I be able to test them to make sure they have been configured as expected before beginning use and billing operations?

Yes, this will continue to be done as it is today. For any fulfilment of a new service, we will contact you to test and validate what is being delivered. The only change here is the validation will be performed for a wider range of products, including colocation and connectivity services.

Will there be any change to the customer notification of commit dates?

All communication and alignment of product and service commit dates will be carried out by a specialized team: the CPMs (Customer Project Managers) for new projects or your Customer Success Manager (CSM) for eventual upgrades and specific purchases in an already active environment.

What are the CPMs and what are their scope of work?

The Customer Project Managers (CPMs) are part of Equinix’s project management team. Their main role is to plan, monitor and communicate during the project’s life cycle, providing the customer greater visibility and control to ensure all solutions acquired are properly delivered.

How is a CSM different than a Customer Project Manager (CPM)?

There are many factors that distinguish a CSM from a CPM. Here are a few: CSM: Assigned by customer account, owns overall and ongoing relationship with the customer, address escalations, billing disputes and onboarding functions.
CPM: Engaged and assigned on a per project or deployment basis, responsible for leading and managing all aspects of their assigned projects to include developing project plans, clarifying scope, managing delivery schedules and setting/resetting customer expectations (if needed).

What is a Customer Project Manager (CPM)?

The Customer Project Manager (CPM) performs the function of project managing customer deployments of colocation and hosting products into the Equinix IBX. CPMs are customer facing and serve as the single point of contact for customers throughout their project lifecycle. CPMs are responsible for bringing all internal and external project stakeholders together, coordinating activities, setting customer expectations, communicating status and completing any risk mitigation planning.

What type of projects do Customer Project Managers (CPMs) manage?

  • All new cage infrastructure orders for customers
  • Multi-site or multi-region deployments
  • High level of complexity or customization projects
  • Size of the build or specialized services
  • Colocation + Managed Services
  • Migrations

How is a Customer Project Manager (CPM) assigned to projects?

For those project which are included in criteria above, CPM is assigned by 24 hours after the order is booked.

What are the hours of a Customer Project Manager (CPM)?

CPMs normally work a standard 9 am to 6 pm (local time) schedule but can vary depending on the scope or international reach of their individually assigned projects.