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Due to specific business or technical requirements, sometimes your project can’t share the same physical structure with other enterprises. With Private Enterprise Cloud, your enterprise gets a dedicated infrastructure. This Equinix Brazil solution offers computer resources (vCPU vRAM, and Storage) in a completely dedicated and redundant infrastructure; a cloud of your own, where you choose the size and location in Brazil.

Equinix Shared Cloud Partner - Intel Xeon

Equinix data centers are fitted with the latest Intel technology, based on the Intel Xeon processors family.

Centralized and Intuitive Management

Control your entire virtual environment through a dedicated and centralized portal that allows you to easily monitor the use of contracted resources. Create, scale and manage your virtual servers through a simple and intuitive interface. All actions are performed automatically, without the need to interact with the support team.

Your Physical Servers Integrated into your Private Cloud

You don’t have to choose between the cloud and the traditional paradigm of physical environments. Our Private Enterprise Cloud fully integrates with your physical servers and with the entire Equinix Brazilian portfolio of services. You can rely on our team of solution architects and their experience in the deployment and management of different technologies to build hybrid solutions, who will be careful to transfer only what can truly be migrated to cloud, without suffering loss of performance or compromising your security.

Customize your Cloud Environment

Learn about our Customized Private Cloud solution, where you can choose all solution components, including the virtualization platform that will be used (VMware, XEN or Hyper-V). Your environment, your rules. As with physical environments, you can rely on the know-how of our Brazilian professionals in managing your environment or leave it with your own team.


  • Greater productivity, flexibility and responsiveness – optimize your computer resources
  • Communication via VLAN with your physical environment hosted at Equinix
  • Monitor your resources (memory, storage, and processor) straight from the management portal, without having to go into the servers
  • Create, resize and manage your virtual servers without having to interact with support
  • Full integration with the entire Equinix Brazilian portfolio: Firewall, Storage, Load Balance and others
  • Impartiality regarding technology: create customized designs and choose the one that best fits your environment (VMWare, Hyper-V or Xen)
  • Leave your cloud management in the hands of the Equinix Brazilian team of certified experts

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